OA ROTA station

Solves seal assembly tasks that were previously considered unsolvable

The innovative OA ROTA assembly concept as an integration module for machine builders. You want to automatically assemble a particularly challenging seal:
• A large and thin O-ring on a stator housing
• A seal with a special cross-section (quad, Y-ring or hose seal)
• A seal that does not allow twisting
Rely on our expertise! Integrate a functional and tested module from the market leader!


  • Assembly of external sealing rings
  • Perfect for large O-rings and O-rings with small cord thicknesses (e.g. for housings of large electric motors)
  • Also ideal for special ring cross-sections (e.g. quad rings, Y-rings, hose seals)
  • Large insertion depths possible
  • Automated process module
  • Also as station / cell with robot-guided assembly tool


  • Clearly defined mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • New degrees of freedom in product design
  • High availability and reproducibility
  • Maximum freedom from twisting thanks to new assembly principle
  • Special seals can be assembled
  • Compact, hollow tool with very low interference contours


  • Process time: approx. 3s for the provision of the ring
  • Assembly time: approx. 2s
  • Mechanics: All components assembled on a base plate
  • Tested until the ring is transferred to the part
  • Electrical: Fieldbus node for PROFINET IO; without control (PLC)
  • Pneumatics: supply connection of the valve terminal (QS-G¼ -8)
  • Energy: Compressed air 6 bar (filtered, oil-free and dry)
  • 110-230V AC/50-60Hz,
  • Sound emission: sound pressure level < 73dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 11202


  • OA ROTA compact

    Maximum freedom from twisting due to new assembly principle.

  • OA/OI stations

    The construction kit for all challenges.
    Feeding and assembly - complete modules for integration into machines and systems.

  • OA fully automatic machine

    Seal assembly? With OA fully automatic machines, it's a child's play!

  • Robotics

    You need more flexibility? Automation with robots is open to change.


If you have a request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise you and help you find the best possible solution for your requirements.
By providing the following information, you will help us to support you as quickly as possible:

  • Machine comm. no. and type (from the type plate)
  • Article number of any required spare/wear parts, if available
  • Short description of your requirement

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