Your assembly requirements are our inspiration. Our incentive is to create the perfect solution for technically demanding tasks involving the feeding and assembly of seals.


To this day, OHRMANN lives the outstanding strengths of the entrepreneurial personality Cölestin
Ohrmann: inventiveness - eye level - perseverance

Our history is characterized by vivid experiences and courageous decisions in the spirit of these values.



The foundation of today’s company was laid by Cölestin Ohrmann with his patented founding idea OI 10. The first MOTEK exhibition was followed by the founding of the company in 1986.

The customer feedback was so enormous that the path quickly led from the kitchen table to a basement appartment and from there to a small old village school.

The joy of working and learning together pulled the employees to a strong team and created a corporate mentality that is still valid today. WE ARE OHRMANN became a lived self-understandig.

Most of the companions of the founding years have remained true to the common path throughout their professional lives.

Although a pioneer, Cölestin Ohrmann always strived for quality far beyond customer expectations.

His wealth of ideas followed the principle of pushing imaginary limits of seal assembly by constantly developing new solutions. To date, this has resulted in 24 utility models and patents.

This extraordinary path was followed by the expansion to today’s company location in Möhnesee-Wippringsen in 1991 and the market leadership which was lived in quiet modesty.

Cölestin Ohrmann demonstrated social responsibility in entrepreneurship early on through exemplary and intensive school cooperation. For this approach he received an award at the Federal Youth and Training Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2006. To this day, we continue this form of promoting young talent.


The generation change

After more than 30 years in management, Cölestin Ohrmann has now successfully passed on the baton – his strengths and values live on.

To ensure this, the owner family and the company have dedicated themselves to a succession process lasting several years since 2017. With foresight and in manageable stages, all those involved faced the challenging questions in these transition years in order to find sustainable and effective answers. In doing so, it was equally important to meet corporate and social responsibility, as well as to clarify and shift personal limits.

In 2017, a new management team was established – consisting of the two founding daughters Alrun and Gesa Ohrmann as well as the employed managing directors Berthold Klever and Florian Pohlmann.

This is also a very unique answer to the question of how succession can succeed technically, structurally and culturally in a family business.


Shaping the future

Today, we ask ourselves questions about the future – and we reliably provide our own answers.

Confidence and strength are given to us by our experiences in dealing decisively with recent crises, such as the Corona pandemic or the energy crisis. Once again, the three pillars of OHRMANN (inventiveness – eye level – perseverance) and cooperation have proven their worth and enabled us to find our own solutions.

Technically, we do everything we can to ensure that courageous change-makers use our expertise in seal assembly to create solutions for a liveable, sustainable future. For this purpose a high level of innovative strength is firmly anchored in the company.

In order to master increasingly complex project business effectively and efficiently, we are transforming our processes and structures into modern and effective forms of today’s work organisation.

In addition we have created our very own model for operational co-design.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but an initiative that we work on intensively and that is very important to us.

Furthermore, there are still more open questions than answered ones. To answer these questions, we will continue to go our own ways in the future – together with you.


It all started with one idea. Inventiveness paired with perseverance and a clear customer focus have allowed us to grow healthily as a family business. And so, to this day, that one idea has drawn a series of further results that we are proud of.


  • 37 years of experience in seal assembly
  • 22 unbeatable, patented solutions and utility models
  • >100 billion seals mounted on our machines
  • >8,000 realised, individual solutions
  • >1,000 satisfied customers
  • >40 different countries
  • >20 different industries


  • 100 % family owned
  • 185 committed path companions
  • 33 % have been with us for >20 years
  • 43 % have been with us for >10 years
  • 7 exciting apprenticeship occupations
  • 70 completed vocational trainings


  • 29,000 sqm plot area
  • 3,800 sqm assembly, production and storage area
  • 17 machines for metal cutting and 3D printing
  • 7 charging points for e-bikes
  • 8 charging points for e-vehicles


Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Director

Managing Director

  • „We believe that solutions for the automated feeding and assembly of seals will enable unimagined end products for a sustainable future.“

    Alrun Ohrmann Managing Partner


OHRMANN stands for multifaceted and responsible entrepreneurship.

Externally, for our customers, we are partner. Partner for courageous change-makers who have made solutions for a liveable, sustainable future their business purpose. Partner for everyone who is committed to ensuring that their end products make a difference for our future. Our seal assembly solutions open up unimagined possibilities in product design to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Internally, for our colleagues and employees, we see ourselves as a social unit that offers space for further development and enables the experience of genuine self-efficacy.

In dealing with our environment, our resources and our social responsibility, we constantly ask ourselves new questions in order to find more effective answers tomorrow than we do today.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

As a quality leader, we stand for uncompromising customer focus, high reliability and functional perfection – across all departments and processes.

We live an breathe our corporate processes, continuously develop them and have them checked independently on a regular basis – since 1999.


OHRMANN stands for responsible corporate management. We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, the company itself, society and the environment.

That is why, out of our own conviction, we continue to specifically promote the aspect of ecological sustainability. The successful participation in the resource efficiency project ÖKOPROFIT in 2023 was just the beginning.


There is no universal recipe for the compatibility of work and family.

Every employee is highly individual in terms of their private and professional situation. Our jointly developed solutions are just as individual. For this commitment, we are certified as a family-friendly company since 2013.


  • automatica 2023

    Because challenges need solutions - visit us at automatica and experience solution approaches around the feeding and assembly of seals that will help you to master your challenges in the future.

  • Motek 2023

    Experience products and systems for industrial production and assembly automation together with OHRMANN live in Stuttgart, where seal assembly meets automation.


    Making the impossible possible with the OA ROTA product family - we present our new, patent-pending process for special seals.

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