OA 290

Simply better: faster, more flexible, more reliable

• Automatic feeding of the rings via vibratory bowl feeder
• Integrated ring separation and provisioning
• Active joining sleeve
• Triggering by means of part by the operator

With these functions, our OA 290 becomes a fast and reliable semi-automatic machine.
And it can be easily upgraded to new components. An investment that pays off!


  • External assembly of rings with inner diameter min. 5 mm, max. outer diameter 40 mm (e.g. O-rings, Quad and X-rings, flat gaskets)
  • Semi-automatic assembly unit for series production
  • Variant processing via interchangeable parts sets possible
  • Special shapes e.g. for lip seals


  • Easy operation
  • Short assembly time and high availability
  • Faster and guided changeover – high flexibility
  • 12 display languages in standard
  • Mirror image design enables ergonomic workplace design
  • Component tracking possible
  • Part slide for feeding complex parts (optional)
  • Quality improvement through gentle seal assembly


  • Process times: approx. 1.6s (provide OR, from joining sleeve free)
  • Total assembly time: approx. 2.5 to 3.5s (approximate value incl. parts handling)
  • Mechanics: Tested until the ring is transferred to the part
  • Electrics: supply cable (3m) with cold appliance socket and Schuko plug
  • Pneumatics: Bulkhead fitting QS6 for tubing outer Ø 6 mm
  • Dimension: approx. 550x585x545 mm, approx. 70kg
  • Energy: Compressed air 6 bar (filtered, oil-free and dry)
  • Quality according to ISO 8573-1:2010 at least [4:4:3].
  • Voltage 230V / 50Hz or 115V / 60HZ possible
  • Sound emission: sound pressure level < 73 dB(A) according to DIN EN ISO 11202
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  • Special solutions – semi-automatic

    Particularly large, particularly complicated and particularly many?
    Suitable special solutions - also partially automated for larger quantities

  • OA 3xx

    The construction kit for all challenges.
    Feeding and assembly - complete modules for integration into machines and systems.

  • OA 5

    Your added flexibility for external sealing rings.

  • OA fully automatic machine

    Seal assembly? With OA fully automatic machines, it's a child's play!


If you have a request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise you and help you find the best possible solution for your requirements.
By providing the following information, you will help us to support you as quickly as possible:

  • Machine comm. no. and type (from the type plate)
  • Article number of any required spare/wear parts, if available
  • Short description of your requirement

We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to help!