OA fully automatic machine

Let us work for you! OA fully automatic machines for seal assembly.

Our OA machines assemble O-rings using the patented joining sleeve assembly process with minimum ring elongation. A vision sensor checks the assembly result. Only 100% correctly assembled parts end up in the IO box. That is process reliability in large-scale production.


  • Exterior assembly of seals
  • O-rings, quad and rectangular rings
  • Fully automatic machine for series assembly
  • Variant processing via change parts records
  • Special shapes (e.g. for lip seals) possible


  • Safe part and seal feeding
  • Process reliable assembly
  • Presence control with optical sensor
  • Short cycle times
  • High technical availability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast setup
  • High output
  • Short procurement time
  • Fast amortization
  • Safe investment
  • Many times industry proven


  • Dimensions base cell W x H x D 1400 x 2106 x 800 mm
  • Weight approx. 650 kg
  • Electrical connection 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Working pressure 6 bar
  • Cycle time 1.8 – 3.0 s
  • Working range rings min. Ø inside = 5 mm
  • max. Ø outside = 23 mm (other cell and ring dimensions possible as special solution)
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  • Rotary indexing machine

    Seals and beyond - compact solutions that assemble several individual parts.

  • Complex, interlinked systems

    Our highest level of automation! A wide range of processes in addition to seal assembly in one system: oiling, testing, lasering, joining, greasing, measuring, printing, packaging and much more.

  • Feeding technology – made by Ohrmann

    For perfect interaction! We create feeding systems from vibratory bowl feeders to flexible bin picking systems for our machines.

  • OA 290

    Simply better: fast, flexible, reliable!
    Semi-automatic machine for assembling external O-rings and seals

  • OA ROTA compact

    Maximum freedom from twisting due to new assembly principle.


If you have a request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise you and help you find the best possible solution for your requirements.
By providing the following information, you will help us to support you as quickly as possible:

  • Machine comm. no. and type (from the type plate)
  • Article number of any required spare/wear parts, if available
  • Short description of your requirement

We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to help!