OA 5 – Manual device for the assembly of external sealing rings (table device)


  1. Assembly of external sealing rings
  2. Assembly device for small batch production
  3. Different assembly tasks for small production runs

Your advantages

  1. Flexible adjustment of expansion diameter and groove position
  2. Change-over time < 30 seconds (operator-dependent)
  3. High availability
  4. Process reliability through low-twist mounting

Figures | Data | Facts

Dimensions WxHxD, weight:

Electrical connections:

Pneumatic connections:

Mounting time incl. parts handling:

Working area rings:

Working area work pieces:

263 mm x 147 mm x 355 mm, 28 kg

not necessary

6 bar

from 3.0 seconds

inner ø 7 mm – 40 mm
(other dimensions on request)

groove position 8 mm – 87 mm
(other dimensions on request)