Interlinked systems – fully automatic machines for sealing ring mounting

Our expertise

Interlinked systems demand a high level of understanding for your product and for your philosophy. These mounting solutions are devised in a very close, partnership-based relationship between you as the customer and OHRMANN MONTAGETECHNIK. We analyse, we develop, we test and try – everything with only one objective: your perfect mounting system!

The experience in dealing with different technologies such as laser and inkjet labelling, leak tests, camera systems and robotics, eddy current tests, rivet and press units, tactile tests, dosing tasks and much more is the basis for our expertise.

Your advantages

The standardised sealing ring mounting modules can also be found again in the OHRMANN mounting systems. These units that have proved their worth many times also offer maximum reliability in the fully automatic systems during mounting.


Our fully automatic systems are used in all fields of mass goods production, mainly in components in which sealing rings are also used. The fields of application include the valves and fittings industry, just as in the automotive industry, medical technology, household goods, electrical engineering, plastics industry, pneumatics and in hydraulics – to name just a few.

OHRMANN quality

As a certified company, we build our systems to the highest technical specifications.