OA ROTA – our newest product family

The world and market novelty

The OA ROTA solves seal assembly tasks that were previously considered unsolvable. The basis of the new, patent-pending process is a rotary kinematic system with which the seal is expanded and assembled. The process enables new constructive degrees of freedom in product design and is available in different levels of automation.

OA ROTA – our new, patent-pending process

Making the impossible possible!

The reliable and efficient assembly of seals is a topic that is usually given little or too little importance along the value chain of a product. The heterogeneity of the sealing tasks implies that there is no one solution for the feeding and assembly of seals, but that the optimal selection of the most suitable process is required on a case-by-case basis.

Seals that have a low inherent stability due to a high diameter / cord thickness ratio always pose particular challenges. Or the cross-section to be processed is not round - as is the case with the classic O-ring - but has a deviating geometry (e.g. X-rings, lip seals, hose seals). Examples of applications include seals in the hydraulic sector or O-rings with large diameters, such as those used in the field of e-mobility for stator cooling.

For such seals, OHRMANN has now developed another seal assembly method based on a rotary kinematics for expanding and assembling the seal ring. In addition to maximum freedom from twisting, another advantage of the process is that the kinematics allow the centre of the expansion mechanism to be left free. This means that seals can be fitted even in very deep groove positions and even over curved component geometries. At the same time, the process opens up new degrees of freedom in the design of products and components.

The process is available in different levels of automation.

OA ROTA compact OA ROTA station

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