Making the impossible possible. That we are able to do so, OHRMANN has already proven many times in the past. With our current entry in the Südwestfalen Agentur ideas competition, we are happy to prove once again how manifold and innovative OHRMANN and the economy in South Westphalia is.

Our innovation:

Assembly machine for very small O-rings

We make the impossible possible: A machine that ensures that the tiny O-rings on the filigrane contact pins on an e-bike board computer are mounted securely and tightly to ensure that the electronics are protected waterproof even in the rain.

Our motivation for the development was to use our expertise to make a contribution to a liveable and sustainable future. With curiosity and our unconditional will to find solutions, we have successfully implemented our idea. And now we have submitted a short video to the campaign „DER KRACHER DES JAHRES“ („THE BANG OF THE YEAR“).


Thank you for your vote for our idea!

Our congratulations to the winner! At the same time we are proud and very happy about our second place in the Soest district. This inspires us to continue!

Voting until august 20, 2023 VOTE HERE

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